Weedmaps Special 1/4 OZ LOUD AAAA SummerFIRE

Weedmaps Special 1/4 OZ LOUD AAAA SummerFIRE

$70.00 $50.00

Enjoy Quality Bud without Spending a Fortune

We spend most of our hours during the day working closely in securing supply from variety of artisan growers throughout the country. The flavors, potency and overall experience will vary from one batch to the next.

Current $100 OZ special features recent harvest from a boutique farm in Alberta, it is a mix of
  • – Blueberry Kush
  • – Lemon haze
  • – Super Skunk
  • – Sour Diesel
This amazing harvest totes THC levels of 22% and CBD Levels of of 8%. It is well balanced hybrid combo that aims to please.

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